Valu - Restrained and expressive with a unique structure

Clear lines, expressive colours and a focus on the essential: "Less is more" is the motto, and not only in the still very successful trend of minimalism. Modern architecture also relies on the effect of fewer, more distinctive elements.
The VALU series by Kerateam is an exciting example of what emerges when design focuses entirely on feeling and structure: A very elegant, high-quality tile that stands out in an unagitated way. It has a stone-matt feel with a noble surface sheen that refracts differently depending on the angle from which it is viewed. This is due to the geometric structure that characterises the tile in the form of a visible and tactile relief. It makes Valu something very special and shows that it doesn't take much to stand out from the crowd. Restrained yet expressive, Valu transforms walls into real design pieces.
Those who want something more powerful can choose between two decors in deep bordeaux or shimmering indigo blue. The rod mosaic, which has been combined in a warm and cool colour scheme, also builds up tension. It almost looks as if stone and wood are alternating harmoniously.
The wall tile as well as the decorative tiles of the series are each available in the format 30 x 60 cm and in a contemporary thickness of 8 mm.


Colors in motion

Sunny yellow, ocean blue, mysterious green: the world of colors is huge and each shade has its own unique atmosphere.

FLANDERS #6MM - Old values
and modern architecture

Nuances that move between dark grey, almost black and indigo blue and offer a fascinating depth: Belgian Bluestone surprises anew every time you look at it because

CHALET - Alpiner Chic

A country house in the vineyards that rises elegantly above the landscape.