Steuler-Fliesen sets standards for occupational safety and health

Award for outstanding occupational health and safety

Steuler-Fliesen GmbH was the first company nationwide to make use of the offer of the professional association VGB to have the occupational safety management system (AMS) including DIN ISO 45001 examined.

On 13.12.2018 the certificate of Eleanor Lang and Uwe Marx of the VGB was handed over to the technical managing director Klaus-Martin Andreas.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published the new standard DIN ISO 45001 in March 2018. The seal of approval characterizes an optimally organized safety and health at work in the company. The structure of the new standard depends on the high-level structure, as well as the existing management system standards, e.g. the DIN ISO 9001 for quality management, the DIN ISO 14001 for environmental management or also the DIN ISO 50001 for energy management. As a result, the company has many opportunities in the application due to its optimal integrability. The new standard improves the competitiveness of a company and strengthens the trust of customers and employees.

After the Steuler-Fliesen has passed the AMS assessment for the third time, the task now is to implement the strict requirements of the new standard, which above all provides for closer involvement of employees. After all, healthy and motivated employees are the key to sustainable economic success.


BU: v. l. Uwe Marx (VBG), Eleanor Lang (VBG), Klaus-Martin Andreas, Amin Shakshir, Mehmet Yerli



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