2cm Outdoor Platten - Grohn

Outdoor tiles: get information and brochures online

Information about our outdoor slab tiles can be accessed via the following link: www.outdoorplatte.de. In addition to ambient images and information about the benefits of the tiles you can also view all the brochures for the 2cm series. These contain not only product images but also further information on the series and the laying of outdoor slab tiles.



6 mm tiles

The Steuler Tile Group stands, among other things, for resource-saving production. Because of innovative manufacturing processes, we are now able to produce tiles in 6 mm thickness.


XXL-Fliesen in 6 mm

Is it true that large tiles are not for small rooms? This rumour has been around for years, even when 25 x 33 was still a large format.


Floor trend wood tiles - advantages
of ceramic wood optics

Porcelain stoneware tiles in wood look are timelessly beautiful and create a high-quality living ambience.