Our new products at Cersaie 2018

Main theme of the new products presentation at the Cersaie, leading ceramic trade fair in Bologna, were the various tile thicknesses of 6 mm, 9 mm and 2 cm. Design elements, such as the integration of icons and emblems on outer walls as well as a three-dimensional 6 mm lettering, took up the theme with the different thicknesses. The outdoor panels were laid individually and integrated into the floor concept of the bar area, where they could not be overlooked by the visitors.

In addition to the new 6 mm thickness, the next generation of surfaces, which were refined for the first time with the "rocker effect", was also shown with the new series. With this new technology in the range of ceramic decoration, it is possible to combine the one-dimensional, so to say smooth digital print, with a relief and create a partial gloss. The tile not only receives an optical depth, but also a tactile level. And this is exactly at the place where the motif optically reproduces an unevenness.


6 mm tiles

The Steuler Tile Group stands, among other things, for resource-saving production. Because of innovative manufacturing processes, we are now able to produce tiles in 6 mm thickness.


XXL-Fliesen in 6 mm

Is it true that large tiles are not for small rooms? This rumour has been around for years, even when 25 x 33 was still a large format.


Floor trend wood tiles - advantages
of ceramic wood optics

Porcelain stoneware tiles in wood look are timelessly beautiful and create a high-quality living ambience.