Hygge #6MM - Try a little cosiness

Hygge is an attitude to life. And it is surely not the worst one, because feeling good is always worth striving for, regardless of the season or the time of day. It doesn’t really take that much to achieve it, which is why the Hygge style is cosy and simple. Casual Scandinavian chic relies on lots of light and otherwise leaves plenty of room for individuality – all that matters is that you are thoroughly content.

The porcelain gres series Hygge with four graduated shades of grey ensures a relaxed aesthetic freshness. The much-needed tranquillity is provided by uniform surfaces that feature such subtle details that you practically only notice them subconsciously, but which perfectly enhance the feeling of cosiness.

From king-size 120 x 260 cm to 120 x 120 and 60 x 120 up to 60 x 60 cm, each with a thickness of 6 mm, there is always the right size for the space available.

The series Hygge #6MM

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