06 Jive - A tile full of verve

06 Jive combines stylish purism with exuberant joie de vivre. Because 06 Jive does not dictate the rhythm of design, but opens up numerous possibilities for a dynamic room interior in which it is perfectly acceptable to dance out of line in style.

In the classic concrete colours of light and dark grey, the stoneware composition exudes elegant coolness, while at the same time creating a wonderfully welcoming atmosphere with its smooth shimmering matt surface and soft tactile qualities.

With its decor featuring sweeping but understated brushstrokes, 06 Jive produces a subtle transition from pure clarity to effortlessly integrated movement, underlining the rhythmic spirit and visual lightness of the tile.

Anyone who chooses modern living with 06 Jive is embracing a special zest for life. Off the sofa and into the lifestyle of your dreams!

The series 06 Jive

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06 Relax - The tile that always
strikes the right note

If, after a long day, you have the blues, then you can drive them away with soul – or with another sound that suits your personal taste.


Kampen #6MM - Idyllic
beach house flair

A walk along the beach with the lighthouse in view, watching the waves come and go, the sound and smell of the sea. Every now and then stopping to simply enjoy the idyllic scenery.


Arabesco #6MM - timelessly
tasteful extravagance

Elegant, noble, and cultivated – this is the effect that marble creates. People automatically associate it with grand buildings, such as temples or palaces.